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Tit for Tat…


Tit for tat…seems to be intrinsic to society. It appears to have been with us for eternity. For an Aspie, tit for tat is a mystery. An Aspie wants you to say, “now you do this for me, and I’ll do that in return…” They want to know clearly what you are talking about. No innuendo’s or double guessing for them. They feel no need to disguise what they are doing. Ever wonder why an Aspie appears rude and abrupt? Read the rest of this entry




My grandmother believed very strongly in Etiquette. She said it gave everyone a solid base to work from. She said it was there so one needn’t constantly worry one had said the wrong thing, or sat in the wrong place…she spoke like that too. She said ‘one needn’t worry’ instead of ‘you needn’t worry.’ She said she had been taught etiquette from a young age, it was part of one’s education and up bringing.
I wish this blogging/advertising gig had some sort of guideline. You know, ‘blogging for idiots’ a guideline about blogetiquette, so I don’t post things in the wrong place..or comment when I shouldn’t.
I had not read any blogs in the past and certainly never had to sell myself. In our line of work, people come directly to us and we never, ever pressurise a client into using our services. Now I have to become known in order to sell my books. I have to create an internet presence, a footprint. Expose myself.  I think it would be easier to take all my clothes off in Fife Street.
So I decided to look it up. Read the rest of this entry