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Whoda thunk…


Not me! I never even though Mugabe would die! But resign!! No way did I ever think I’d live to see that day.

This week has certainly seen a few firsts for me…the biggest one – I joined a march and walked through Bulawayo’s streets in the hope that I could effect change here. It was an awesome experience, although that was nothing like the party when it was announced that Mugabe had resigned.


This photo was taken from the top of my bakkie! I jumped down and joined in at the back! Im a very scared of crowds.

On the right (out of the photo) is Bulawayo’s main police station and we all had great fun just marching right past them! They have been the bane of our lives recently, setting road blocks up all over the place and fining us for imaginary infringements.

What a wonderful day it was too – the sun was shining and that flamboyant tree, just made this pic for me!


This pic is taken along the street named after the gent up there…Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo

He is a hero in these parts.

This is the second statue erected in his likeness. Unbelievably, the first one was made by the North Koreans! What a slap in the face for the Ndebele people here in Matabeleland, who tore it down before the government even got close to erecting it.

We stood about under this monument for a while and then moved along, past the dreaded CIO buildings. We all paused for a moment, to remember the many people who have disappeared, never to be seen again. Many went into this building and never came out.


Everyone was out there, even small children.


I walked beside a very elderly lady for a while, helped carry a kid while his dad waved the national flag. The flag, that until then, we were banned from carrying! Seems crazy – that citizens could be banned from waving their National flag!


So this morning, after celebrations that lasted well into the night, we all woke up to a new dispensation. None of us know what it will bring, but we all know, the last 37 years under Mugabe have been hell.

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