…is in Zimbabwe, which is in the middle of Africa!

“Skies” or “City of Kings” are nick names given to our hometown! “Skies,” because of the numbers of clear blue days we get here a year and “City of Kings”….well need I say more!

A sleepy, well planned town, Bulawayo grew slower than it’s colonial planners thought possible. As a consequence, we have not seeped at the edges like many other African cities! We have no shanty towns, our parks and other designated green areas remain intact, our wide streets unclogged with traffic.

Flamboyant trees


Centenary Park, BulawayoCentenary Park Centenary Park Centenary park

My book, Silk Threads is based in Bulawayo and Johannesburg, and I wanted to say SO much more about my hometown. I didn’t fit it all in so I’ll have to write many more books!

I maintain a blog: https://frankiekayfotos.wordpress.com  where I post photo’s of Bulawayo and the surrounding areas. Please have a look, the countryside is unique and very beautiful.

Now…to me, and a day in my life here in Bulawayo. I live in Suburbs, in one of the very first houses built in colonial Bulawayo. The streets are laid out in even bocks, lined with Jacaranda trees. Typically built on about an acre, we even have the remnants of stables for horses – now converted to servant’s quarters, or what is locally called a ‘kya.’

This is a pic of the front of our house:

Park Road


We live here with several people and lots of animals. The people first: my husband (a geophysicist,) his gang of workers and Pio, who doesn’t work for us, only lives with us. His story is on my writing blog here!


This is Brighton, our gardener together with Dusty (his favourite of our dogs!) and the survey team marking the spot for a borehole.

Brighton and DustySurvey gangOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbove is Fa – our handyman when he isn’t surveying for water.


We also have dogs, cats, chickens (occasionally a horse, passing through!)

2014-11-04 Dogs Pk RdI love cats…passed and present!

https://frankiekay.wordpress.com/?s=last+post this is a story about Twinks, our little orphan kitten. https://frankiekay.wordpress.com/2013/11/23/vikki/ is a story written by Vikki.

I have written about Bella, pictured below here:




and, being Africa, a host of wild life is also to be found in our home: insects, spiders, scorpions, lizards and of course birds. Every morning, I wake to the bird songs and have recently planted a line of peach trees outside our window for the fruit eaters among them.

Birds at Pk Rd

This crested barbet comes to our window and beats his reflection up…I took this pic through the glass!

Crested Barbet

I help children who can’t read, or have trouble with Maths or are Aspergers sufferers. This is the room I use:

Park RoadMakes it all much more homely than a classroom!

Shopping Centres….both ends of town!    The lower pic is an upmarket shopping centre, this one  is a bus terminus where you can buy anything from frozen fish, to maize meal; to axes, old drums and second hand tyres!




There is too much for me to fit into one blog post – please browse around my photoblog – and most importantly, my writing blog!

I wrote Silk Threads to introduce people to Aspergers Syndrome through my character Lisa. I thought a novel would be better than a dry text book.

Click here, to download Silk Threads from Amazon

Silk Threads

Click here to download A Pale

A Pale

Please post comments on the books here on my blog, or at Amazon.

You can email me at:


I love fan mail and discussing my books via email, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Silk Threads is free on Smashwords… please download a copy of Silk Threads  here:

Silk Threads

Reckless Gambol, a Silk Threads vignette can be downloaded here:


And a copy of Jack and Jill here

Jack and Jill a short story

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  1. Lovely, really enjoyed this and have so many fond memories of Bulawayo seeing as I went to school at Plumtree. So I often stayed in Bulawayo courtesy of my school mate Sixpence, who’s dad was a long standing Mayor of Bulawayo. None other than Bill Kinleyside and his lovely wife Una. BTW it’s a long time since I last saw a Hoopoe, magic man.

    • Thanks. We have two pairs every year picking at the lawns! I love them and they are very easy to photograph. Writing about type home town is not an easy thing. Things we find mundane and ordinary, is sometimes fascinating for someone who had never seen it. I didn’t even bother to try and describe the Matopos! That can only really be experienced. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  2. Thank you for these wonderful words and photos of our beloved home town. I also want to thank you for your work with Asperger’s sufferers. I recently was exposed to this condition and was astounded by its prevalence in society today. Please keep writing and sharing your wonderful photos and all the best to your family too.

    • Thanks – I married into a family of Aspergers, and while it may appear to be a curse, in some ways it is a blessing – they were certainly blessed with lots of brains! However, as I show with my character Lisa, who has both money and brains, that they need help when it comes to dealing with people, and that unassisted, they can fall prey to unscrupulous types.
      Bulawayo is beautiful, esp the surrounding areas, and since we travel around a lot, I get to see it more than many. My photos really hit the spot with Zimboes who are forced to live out of their homeland – I’m just really, really lucky I have been able to remain!
      Thanks for your visit and comments – hope to see you here again soon

    • Thanks for the visit! Yes – I have been very busy recently, not managing to get any writing in either – it took a kick in the ass from OP (Opinnionated Man) to do a blog about our hometowns! I have been posting on my photoblog though…

  3. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    What awesome photos of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe! I swear I didn’t google where this place was… Thanks for taking part in the HR Challenge and for giving us a glimpse into your world! -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their blog.

      • That is certainly good news because we don’t seem to get a true picture of what is going on there.

      • Follow my blog! Read my books! Obviously, I have a different life there to someone who lives in a Communal Land, but I do try to add to my blog regularly and I like to show the good side of life (if you want to see the other side, watch the news!)

    • Thanks – I only posted a fraction of the birds (the ones with the lovely plumage!) if you have a look at my photoblog, I have a a category for birds because there are so many!

    • Thanks – have a look around my photoblog – I love my country and we travel around Southern Africa a lot for our work and I have just been given a fantastic camera – so be prepared! We aim to go to Mana Pools later this year so watch this space!

  4. Fabulous post. It’s a wowzer!! Flamboyants beautiful and other pictures I pick up from other blogs. Where did the gardener get his name? Brighton 🙂

    • I also asked him that! He just looked at me very strangely. Strangely, he came to us straight after the Mdala Zondo left for the big garden in the sky, and Brighton just fitted in as if he had worked for us all his life!He comes from near Diana’s Pools which is close enough for him to easily go home. He loves the dogs, and is very relaxing to have around

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