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Hello…I’m Aspie…


I want to talk to you; I really do. I want to join in, play on the beach, like everyone else.

I don’t know what I look like to you. What should I look like? Is this OK? Do I look “normal?”

I'm Aspie


I want to enjoy myself – I just don’t really know how…



Next time someone looks away when you are speaking to them, doesn’t make eye contact, before you think “rude,”  STOP; ask yourself why. Why does he look away?

Before you again say to a child “look at me” pointing at your eyes, STOP and ask yourself if he really can look at you. If it were easy, he would make eye contact.

People with “Higher Functioning Autism” or Aspergers  (I call them Aspies) are real people inside that mask you see. Some are brash or aggressive, others pompous; some overly polite, in an attempt to negotiate their way around a world they often don’t understand…can’t fit into.

There are as many different kinds of “Aspies” out there as there are “Higher Functioning Autistics” so I can’t list manifestations…but being married into a family of them, I know how difficult their lives can be.

Lisa, (in my novel, Silk Threads) is an Aspie. It was hard to describe her, because she doesn’t say much, hardly moves her body to express herself…I used her diaries to show that she was a very different person hidden behind her rather unattractive exterior.

I won’t say any more about Aspies, or this post will become boring – there is plenty of information on the net, or better still, read my novel, Silk Threads…its much more fun than wikipedia!

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