Hey, I wrote a novel…


I have a very supportive husband. When I told him I’d written a novel he said, “Oh. That’s nice.”

When I asked him if he would read it, he said “OK, sure.”

Now, I should probably say here, that he doesn’t read many novels. He is more into philosophy, articles about the universe and such. He belongs to physics forums. Does mathematics problems for fun.

Hey… I also read some serious stuff: obviously the latest psychology developments, new research in maths teaching… and I don’t read romance.

He didn’t know I’d been writing at all. He’d been involved in an electronics project with Ant, and like many Aspies, he has phenomenal concentration. We stayed with our kids in Randburg, and that’s possibly how I found the time to write two hundred thousand words!

It was Frankie Kay who wrote Silk Threads, not the boring me. Not the me who is a wife with two kids, sews, does the washing…no, this other persona came along and wrote the book. Each morning, after I’d had coffee, I sat, propped up in the bed writing furiously. Then, I’d get up and make a brunch for everyone. I’d scold the kids, do the shopping, visit brother in law and, if I was lucky, sometime in the afternoon, Frankie would get another chance to write. Also, like most of my projects, I wasn’t organised, didn’t write it chronologically, nor did I know the ending. It all developed from the characters. Once I had them firmly in my head, they decided upon what happened…all of this, going on in the background of me…while I outwardly got on with what it is women of my age and designation do.

Back home in Zim, my husband settled back to read this novel of mine…and I, now with nothing to do, sat watching him with trepidation.

It’s a long book though, and he didn’t finish it in one sitting. He refused to talk about it and I didn’t know what he thought. And yes, it mattered to me what he thought.

One evening, lying on my side of the bed, reading my kindle, I heard him make a disgusted sounding noise. Sort of a snort and an “Eeuw” all mixed up. He shifted slightly in the bed, pulling himself higher up on his pillows, his face screwed up in disgust.

“No,” he said with undisguised revulsion. “No, this is too much.”

I wondered what offended him, and looking over his shoulder saw he was not complaining about the ‘pony’ scene or the Mac Club one. He was at a ‘romantic’ description. A scene I thought I had done a particularly good job of. I thought it was nice and soppy and would appeal to female readers.

“No. I’m sorry,” he said. “This has got to go. This is awful. I will not be a party to this drivel. Take it out for goodness sake and put in a…I don’t know, put in a BJ or something!”

This was the first comment he had made about the book…he found nothing strange in the idea that his wife had written a story about a girl who allowed herself to be totally dominated by a coloured man, or that I had written graphic descriptions of this girl in various compromising positions. About whips and ropes. No, he minded my romantic scene, the one I had slaved over, so very hard.

Anyway…, I took his advice – didn’t inflict my idea of a romantic scene on my readers!

He read the book through twice; edited parts for me, encouraged me when I gave up on it. He says what he thinks, thank goodness. If he doesn’t like something, he says so. He insisted it was totally unbelievable that Eugene, a street kid, could have played the type of music he did, as proficiently as he did. That comment was the inspiration for my second book, (which, incidentally, is nothing like this one!)

I’ve been very lucky with the people who helped me edit my book. My sister, with her excellent English, my friend Allan (who still hasn’t read it) who told me he couldn’t get past the girlish goo in the diary entries! My brother in law, Mr. Perfect, who said only that he was “impressed.” Wow, that accolade from him was like most people hopping about naked on the top of a building, yelling!

As a critic, my mum was a disaster – she just thought it was brilliant – but I suppose that’s what mums are for?

A Silken Thread on Amazon is a different book from Silk Threads on Smashwords.

What began as a few changes I made as a result of email discussions with people I insist on calling “fans,” evolved into a totally different view. That’s the glory of e-books. It costs nothing to republish or make small changes and I’ve taken advantage several times.

Please have a look at my books. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow free books, so you have to pay for A Silken Thread.

Click here, to download A Silken Thread

A Silken Thread

Click here to download A Pale

A Pale

Please post comments on the books here on my blog, or at Amazon.

You can email me at:


I love fan mail and discussing my books via email, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Silk Threads is available on Smashwords…if you are into BDSM and more explicit scenes, please download a copy of Silk Threads  here:

Silk Threads

And a copy of Jack and Jill here

Jack and Jill a short story

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    • Go for it, it’s a free download…Ive just spent the last few days working on the Amazon version and “minding my language” removing any explicit words and depictions. In the Smashwords version the scene at Cages is much longer. Lisa’s encounter at Macdonalds…is more fully described!!! Id love to know what you think…

  1. alrightey then! An aspiring author too, I don’t write in any order or know how stuff is gonna end. but you, BDSM, foul language, BJ’s and everything, my kinda book. Good luck with it all. will check it out and we’ll rap…take care, be good….

    • Well if thats your thing, read the Smashwords version, the Amazon one is pretty sanitised by this stage!
      Please let me know what you think, its great to speak to people who have read it…I get downloads, but little feedback

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