Today, twenty nine years ago, my rib provider sent me a Valentine Card. He also sent one to my friend…he said he thought it was the polite thing to do, since we had both been out to the farm to visit.

…I think he was hedging his bets.

And he nearly needed to, because she got her card on Valentine’s Day (a very funny, witty one too, based on the Monty Python we had been listening to..) and I….didn’t get anything.

…I very nearly moved on.

Mine arrived in Esigodini, two days later, also hand-made, but a little more pointed than hers! If I were a romantic, like him, I would have kept it, wrapped up with all his later love letters, a satin ribbon around them. I would have been able to scan it, post it here …

Desperate to get rid of him, (25 and still living at home) my parents in law invited my friend to the farm. An imminently suitable, well mannered girl from the right kind of Bulawayo family. She was the Head Girl of the Convent and fairly brainy, arty…I was invited along as a sort of smoke screen. We all had such fun, messing about on the dam where we were to later build our home. I was very comfortable in the farm environment – canoeing on the dam, enjoying the animals and crops.

Although I would like to say it was “love at first sight…” it was no such thing.  Later he told me his first thought was “mmm, not bad – bit overweight…” He didn’t mind that so much when my swimming cozzie proved too small and everything fell out. I’d hopped into the water to cool off. The hippo, who was later to be our early morning alarm…had scared the hell out of me, her two little bumps facing in our direction, blowing…just to show us she was there.

But it was the minute and flighty red dragon fly that got us together – they bite. No one would believe me and I still stand by it today – red dragon flies bite. And there were hundreds on the dam that day – buzzing about settling on me…nipping …

My Valentine’s card had a red, hand-painted heart with a munch out of it and the words…a little red dragon fly is eating me up…

And that was that…GAME OVER.

Hippo in the Dam

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