I cannot resist this view from our front door. I sit there “connecting with my fans” as my dearly beloved other half so sarcastically murmurs…more like wrestling with signal!

It does something to you, a view like this…I don’t know…its a soul salve. I snap away – hundred of shots and struggle to choose which one is best…then another day, same view…different picture.

Our time on the farm began with gentle rains…

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Then got harder some…

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I’m not sure what caused the brilliant red colours in these photos because this year we have been saved from fires…perhaps there was nothing to burn. Its been a dry year and I hope this long rainy spell is enough too avert the starvation banging on everyone’s doors.

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It’s the same view remember – just ditto – different day different picture!



I finally published Silk Threads and A Pale on Amazon…please click here…for the link

I even sold a few copies over Christmas! You cannot know the feeling when I get the message on my phone to say I have sold another book. So thank you, anyone who bought it.

I tried to thank the person who reviewed Silk Threads on Amazon – but it won’t let me!!! It says I have to have bought something on Amazon before I can post????Like selling a book isn’t enough.

Before I read his review, I had been editing Silk Threads with a view to publishing a ‘Lite’ version. Maybe I’ll  have a rethink now!

Both books are  still available on Smashwords. Silk Threads here:

and Jack and Jill here:


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  1. Now you are no longer a wannabe author, you are one, seeing as you’ve published on Amazon and people have bought your books, so well done. I have bought Silk Threads, it looks interesting – not the type of book I usually read, but it’s a New Year, so I’ll give it a go 🙂

    • Thank you for buying my book!!!!I can’t tell you how much of a kick it give me. I’m a compulsive “checker” I look up the site constantly to see how many books I have sold. Since its not your type of book, you can tell me what to cut…(just so long as its not the whole book!) Can I send you a gift voucher for Jack and Jill?

      • Pleasure – got to support fellow Africans (especially Zimbabweans!) in the writing business – I won’t say no to a gift voucher……..

    • Thank you, as I said in my post…I can’t get enough of that view…always changing, yet the same. No photo is ever the same. I make time every day to go out and sit there…it may be our last…

  2. Frankie – many thanks for taking me back to my country of birth and allowing me to re-live my youth through your many wonderful photographs. I am very interested in the bushman paintings and if you are able please send me a batch via my mail.As you visit other areas of our beautiful country , kindly post all photos as it is a means of us who left to remain connected with our youth. Not able to return for a visit now but hopefully in the future I will do so – stay well and keep up the fantastic work you are doing

      • Frankie – many thanks for your reply- will look forward to receiving the paintings. In my youth I spent a great deal of time climbing the koppies of my Uncles farm near Macheke where there are a great number of the paintings and I always looked at them with great interest.I hope to return to the farm one day in the future and photograph them. Once again many thanks and enjoy your day

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