At this time of the year, here in Zimbabwe, there are flies everywhere. As the first rains arrive, they breed up and they bug the hell out of me. They sit all over my legs when I try to catch a zizz, all over the table, on the food…

Twinks also hates them. But for her, its more of a love/hate thing. She stalks along the bed and then jumps on them. I think I’ve only seen her catch one, and it was already reeling from a headache I gave it when I swatted it. We have one of those square tent mozzie nets which I can put down in the afternoon. What fun for Twinks. She leaps up at the flies gathered on the outside of the net, gets her fingernails caught, and suspended, like a bug on a spiders web, yells for help.

Not good for the afternoon zizzz

A fly landed on my screen just now and I watched it, illuminated from the back. A minute imitation of Twinks sitting on the end of the bed, washing her face. And while a fly doesn’t push it’s leg past it’s ear, it washes up over those huge bug eyes, round the back of its head, first with one forearm and then the next….It shimies to one side, stops and then washes again. Maybe flies are not dirty pooffy things. Maybe they are as clean as cats are, although more annoying.
Watching the fly I remember our Biology teacher, Mrs Sherlaw, describing how a fly eats…: “first the fly lands on its chosen food, say a dog turd. It regurgitates it’s last meal, mixes it well into a small portion of the turd, all into a sludgy mess and sucks up the runny liquid…” a little like the trunk on the tame elephants at Victoria Falls…
“Then…” continues our Biology teacher….“it flies to your Christmas dinner. Regurgitates its last meal…..”

Boy. I wish I had not eschewed bug spray…and where the hell is that cloth for cleaning my screen…

Twinks the boxing cat

Twinks can box too…


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  1. Hahaha!!! This is an example of how I remember you – very randomly written as though you’d written it as you were saying it!!!
    That kitten is adorable. I miss Storme so much. I often wonder if he’s happy or even alive anymore

    • That’s exactly how it was written. Id intended not to post any more this year! And that was when I put up the first Vic Falls pics! The kitten lost its mommy at about three weeks of age and thinks it’s a person…coming with us to the farm later today – sits in the front..fun cat

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