Writer’s block…


This is what happens when I get writer’s block:

….Ah actually that’s a lie…I’m just trying to show off how clever I am….



This is what happens when someone asks me to repair a much loved very buggered old leather handbag…have you noticed how easily things breed up? Rabbits, Chinese, guinea-pigs – they are the worst. In fact, I think they are hermaphrodite. You buy one hamster, or guinea-pig and next thing you know – wham – you got hundreds. Well, it appears to be the same with leather handbags. One for me, one for cousin…friend…

It also happens when there is no power (my laptop with the four hour battery life bust) and my cell phone (music) is flat, and its raining so hard I can’t go outside and ‘commune.’ I can’t sew, I can’t paint – I’m a lousy artist – anyway P has all my painting things….

For years people would ask me “What do you do when the power goes off?” and I used to pull lascivious, suggestive faces…until I saw myself in the mirror – eeeuuww. So now I say, “oh this and that…I keep busy – make a few handbags…”

I’m writing this post for two reasons:¬†

Firstly, to have an excuse to post more photos!!!
Secondly, to thank those of you who bought my book, Silk Threads, while I was away in Paradise…I can’t tell you the lift it gives me. I stand out there on the patio ¬†(the only place we have signal) and get that silly little message from Smashwords on my tiny, tiny phone screen:
Dear Frankie , Per your request, we’re writing to notify you someone has purchased your book.
I shout out “HA” and jump around and do that hip wiggle which looks really bad on old grannies and that silly arm thing the soccer players do when they score (although I don’t skid around on my knees). It’s nuts, I know, but it gives me such a lift and ¬†especially when people I don’t know buy it. I know you aren’t doing me any favours – so a big THANK YOU. And for those of you who didn’t buy my book – please do – its only four bucks!!

Just click here: for your own copy…

PS – I didn’t get writers block at all, in fact I have a stack of posts I wrote just burning my screen off….so ah…watch this space…

Couldn’t resist these:



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