I’m gutted – Smashwords rejected my book cover for their premium collection. “Some of our retailers are super-sensitive to nudity (even illustrated nudity)!!!”


I missed my early morning alarm…I love the ha de ha’s in Randburg. They live off the dog food and give Vikkie plenty to stare at!!

This morning I was woken up by the Heuglins and the Hoopoe hiss instead. No motorbikes, police alarms or traffic noise!

As usual, the view leaving Johannesburg is much better than arriving!!! A few photos crossing the Hartebeespoort Dam and then one shot of the Waterberg – fantastic in the early morning…


Birds in our garden…at least for now until the Indian Myna’s invade like they have in Randburg…


At lease here the barbet can live in peace – Rabson declared war on them in his garden – he said they ate his tomatoes!!


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