RIP – Scar

I hope you are up to shit somewhere in our universe

I hope you are up to shit somewhere in our universe

Don’t you hate it when someone dies. Its really hard, you know and as you get older, more people die. I hate it when people die, but more when one of my animals die.
Recently Tara murdered Scar. A premeditated murder.

You see, I haven’t had a cat for about thirteen years. Of course, we have a gazillion cats because of the snakes, but I mean my OWN cat.
When we got back from South, we found Mrs Raven with a litter, four rather than the normal triplets. I did the usual cooing thing and went up the little cluster. All of them hissed at me, (they are half wild cat after all.) But one of them, a little black guy got up and came over to check me out.
Man, that kitten was ugly. His legs were too long for his body, he was thin, scrawny and scraggly. He had a chin just like Scar in the Lion King.

He was a really, really cool cat. He didn’t like to be left at home when I came to town, so he learned to get into the car. He climbed under the seat, politely said “hello” to the police (we have about six roadblocks into town) and then when he got into the house in Bulawayo, he just took over. Sorted out all the cats and Nandi.
The reason I say Tara murdered Scar, is cos she never, ever told him to “Watch out, I’m a big nasty German Shepard who eats cats.” No. She ignored him, just like she ignores all cats. She allows them near her, they even brush up against her. Everyone sits around a happy family. And then whack, she kills Scar. It was pure, plain murder, and I’m not sure I have forgiven her yet.
You should have seen the place the following morning. Let no one persuade you animals are stupid, or that they don’t understand, or don’t communicate.
I walked into the kitchen in the morning and yelled out to Cush, “Hey, why’s it so quiet around here?”
Then I trip over Scar lying dead near the gas cylinder. No Mrs Raven. No Chiz. No Ally. No Tara. No Scar siblings. Nobody at all.
They pitched in about late afternoon for food, quiet, well behaved… yes, even Mrs Raven.
I suppose I will have to wait another thirteen years for a cat to choose me…
RIP Scar.
(I posted a pic of Scar under the gallery tab)


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I'm an author from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I've written a novel, Silk Threads and a few short stories. Although Frankie is a pen name, she is the me who never grew up, the crazy kid who spoke to animals, talked to the wildflowers and asked awkward questions...I love: music, the silence..., distant horizons. I hate: crowds and spending money

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