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At last….

I have just put Silk Threads on Smashwords:

Now, I just have to get someone, anyone to buy it….common, be the first!

I love the cover – many thanks to Ant –

Many thanks Ant

Many thanks Ant




I’m utterly sick of Silk Threads. I was spozed to go home for a recharge, and all I did was get square eyes and delete the gazillion ‘very’ ‘alot’  ‘as’ ‘so’ etc etc . in 73 Chapters….and tore my hair out trying to find replacement words for ‘looked’ ‘everything’ and Oh yes, the dreaded ‘was’.

Nowadays, I never seem to get much reading in, and I have usually read one book per evening in the past. This last six months has been a desert for me. Cush, however, lying in bed, was (cringe, cringe) reading an Agatha Christie…

He reads a short character sketch about a woman, described  as a siren. He suggests that’s what I am (don’t you love him?) since I am editing and looking up words all the time,  I go to the dictionary…
a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive (I like the sound of this!!!! definitely me.)
enchantress, ↑temptress, ↑Delilah, ↑femme fatale (this is good, I can live with this…)
adult female (yeah, well I preferred the above description)
acoustic device (yup, says Cush…definitely you!)