My life…


When I was seventeen, I met a guy. A year later, he asked me to marry him. Everyone said I was crazy, why would I marry at such a young age, what did I see in him, they asked? They said I needed to play the field, get around. He told me I could still play the field with him, so I did, I married him and I have, and I have never regretted it.

I have just realised, my writing is just like my life. I make a lot of mess, and then my husband comes and cleans it up. I make the mess so easily, it happens all on its own, and then I stand amongst it looking around helplessly. I have absolutely no idea how to even start to tidy it up. Then he comes in and moves a few things around, puts them where they belong, and wham…its all OK again.
If I didn’t have him to edit, I would have given up ages ago and moved onto another book…

He is now trying to get Silk Threads into some sort of shape to put it on Smashwords. I keep finding things I know could be better said…but I suppose sometime I will have to stop – just hand it over and hope people want to read it.


About frankiekay

I'm an author from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I've written a novel, Silk Threads and a few short stories. Although Frankie is a pen name, she is the me who never grew up, the crazy kid who spoke to animals, talked to the wildflowers and asked awkward questions...I love: music, the silence..., distant horizons. I hate: crowds and spending money

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