Here we go….


I began this whole writing gig for fun. I wanted to write funny stuff, I love to read funny. I love a well turned phrase. I love Shakespeare, Dickens even Chaucer.
I cant read comics, I cant make head or tail of them, I always seem to go in the wrong direction, its no wonder the story becomes confused.
I don’t like SciFi and I wont read scary. I get scared when I read scary.
My English is really terrible, I scraped a pass at both O and A level. I just never ‘got’ what everyone got so excited about.
English at UNISA should be renamed, “English for Dummies” and it was great, cos I am an English Dummy. And I learnt while studying that it isn’t that hard to write adequately, and I started then, just writing more carefully, less how I speak and more how I should write.

Then someone told me I had to have a blog. I had to tweet. I said “Oh no, we don’t have good enough internet here in Bulawayo.”
Can’t say that any more, so here goes.
This is my first blog entry and heaven knows if I put it in the right place.


About frankiekay

I'm an author from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I've written a novel, Silk Threads and a few short stories. Although Frankie is a pen name, she is the me who never grew up, the crazy kid who spoke to animals, talked to the wildflowers and asked awkward questions...I love: music, the silence..., distant horizons. I hate: crowds and spending money

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